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Intimidating women to men

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The agony of waiting for a text, the disappearance after sex, the insecurity, the way young men build them up just to knock them down. The basic principle here is that you can’t date a person who is three points higher than you — which is where ‘negging’ comes in.

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Some 66 percent of SWANS disagree with the statement “My career or educational success increases my chances of getting married.” Anne, a 30-year-old chief resident at a Boston hospital, said she doesn’t think of herself as intimidating or uber-intelligent, but men seem to get that impression.If you attended a good school, have an impressive job, have career aspirations or dream of future success, men will find you less attractive.“I’ve been told by well-meaning relatives: ‘Don’t talk about work on a date, dumb it down, and it’s bad to earn so much money because guys will be scared of you.’ And I got the word ‘intimidating’ a lot,” said Alexis, a 35-year-old lawyer in San Francisco. Nearly half of single women believe their professional success is intimidating to the men they meet.Indeed, I’d heartily recommend that every young woman reads one of these obnoxious sites to see exactly what they’re up to.Try, perhaps, which claims to offer ‘advice’ to loser men.It claimed to penetrate the secret society of pick-up artists, offering techniques and strategies with one sole purpose — having sex with women, then ditching them.

It doesn’t take too much surfing of Julien Blanc’s ‘manosphere’ — the informal network of blogs and websites set up by men in opposition to feminism — to realise that it is populated by a bunch of nerdy losers.

The virtual world is doing half the neggers’ work for them.

Every thought, action and encounter, is accompanied by a constant and often cruel online commentary that they’re not good enough, clever enough or slim enough.

Some of it is too vulgar to be repeated in a family newspaper, but its ethos is summed up by Jesse Charger, the ‘seduction guru’ who runs the site.

CHAPTER 2 | Overqualified for Love Imagine, as newspapers and magazines recently have, the “plight of the high-status woman.” She is a well-educated young woman in her 30s, earns a good salary, and has a great social life — but she is single and is worried that her success might be the reason she has not met a man to marry.

S.-based negger who exists at the extreme end of the PUA movement and charges men $3,000 (£2,000) to learn the dark arts of female manipulation at boot camps.