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The main house was mostly belowground, carved into one of the planet's many rocky hillsides, and was much more than just living quarters.

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The huge paychecks were the cake; the perks were the icing, something he'd found he couldn't live without. The powerful man stood up and together they strode out of the room.I don't think she even knew there were sensors out there, she sure wasn't trying to hide.The first thing she apparently did was approach the testing center and start asking questions of two technicians who were standing outside taking a break.When they were uncooperative she demanded they call the main house.They'd already hit the silent alarm." He smiled, and not prettily.A wide fabric runner ran down its center and muffled their footsteps; the stone walls had a tendency to turn the entire house into an echo chamber.

Expensive artwork hung on the walls and recessed lighting kept the hallway nearly sunlight bright at all times.

Its mere size, however, was not the hallway's most striking feature.

A visitor couldn't help but notice that along both walls, every five meters or so, there was a well-lit alcove.

Each in a different pose, their bodies the idealized perfection of the human form.

Mostly women, all nude and in classical poses, close enough to touch.

He himself wore a handmade robe worth more than most of his employees made in a month, and he was a generous employer.