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Intimidating 69 camaro

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The small cargo room, however, is another reason why the 2013 Smart fortwo is still limited to short urban travel.

Extra gauges in the center-top of the dashboard are added for the electric drive to conveniently keep an eye on the battery levels.Call it a coincidence or chalk it up to automakers adhering to the same style trends.Here are some of the most interesting "car doppelgängers" we've noticed in recent years:2012 Honda Civic Coupe The Honda Civic Coupe was completely remodeled for the 2012…The instrument panel with its update in 2011 is still nothing fancy, but it is functional and goes well with the exterior.For those choosing the Smart fortwo for its low initial cost, the Pure coupe is as plain as it gets, the interior comes in plain black.The 2013 Smart fortwo, just like the previous models, is a great conversation starter.

With its total length of 106 inches and a width that would allow driving on some of the wider sidewalks, it is truly as small as an automobile can get.

In its 15th year, the aging 2013 Smart fortwo is still a puzzling combination of mediocre features without really being the best at anything important.

This tiny automobile can take two adults twelve blocks downtown, but not much else is offered for the price.

The first thing everyone questions regarding the Smart fortwo is its safety.

However, the engineers at Mercedes-Benz ensure that this tiny vehicle meets the highest safety standards, and crash-testing comes back with the highest results for both front- and side impacts.

The interior is surprisingly spacious for the driver and a single passenger, even those over six feet can feel that they have enough head and legroom.