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Unless I mark it as a joke moveset, in which case I hope I made it clear that you shouldn't really use this :( And if you have trouble finding something in this FAQ, scroll up one section and use the handy dandy indexes in the Table of Contents.

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RSBot has been my home for the past year, and it has been well worth it.Netbattle is the other main client used to battle Pokemon online.It is a stand-alone program which connects to servers online, which allow you to battle other players from around the world.The format is much the same as any other IRC client, although IIRC you need to go into options to set the server. And finally, we have Star Scream's Java IRC Client. A third option for those people who don't want to download anything at all to their comps.For now, this will do, at least until I index it by pokedex number.

============================================================================== Notes ==========================================================================S5.0 - This FAQ/Walkthrough is best viewed in Courier New (or some other fixed width font), 10 pt font size, 79 characters per line.

As I said, this is a Java client that connects to IRC, made by Star Scream.

I have not tested it thoroughly, but from what I can tell it works perfectly fine.

- No, I will NOT tell you where to find a rom of this game. Even within the movesets themselves, I am not going to go into how exactly one can get such a moveset if one has already used the Earthquake TM, or which pokes need to be bred to get the right moves, or how to get the right Hidden Power.

I myself haven't even finished FRLG the game - I rely on others who have provided the new moves that are learned in this game, namely new level-up moves and move tutors. For now, just shark on all the moves (I will ensure that every set I give is a LEGAL set) and worry about the rest later.

Instead, it is a moveset guide, to be used for link battling or competitive battling online.