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Idris elba dating jill scott

She said these sex abuse charges appear orchestrated.More than two dozen women have come forward with stories of being drugged and sexually assaulted by Cosby.

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Carey is in talks to sign a residency deal with Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.As far as Cosby residuals, Rashad said the longer the show is on the smaller the residuals. The marriage could help Ludacris in the custody proceeding because courts look favorably on married parents. He is fighting his soon to be ex-wife, Malaak Rock-Compton, for his fortune, worth $70 million, and visitations rights for his two daughters.In any event, “The Fast and the Furious” co-star and his bride are now Mr. Malaak claims the pre-nup she signed has expired, and she wants sole custody of their children.Henson ended it by reportedly saying she deals with “dollars and not cents.” Ouch!Meanwhile, Howard and his third wife, Miranda, are expecting their first child together.Just this week there were three new woman who claim they were assaulted over three decades ago.

Some have criticized Rashad and accused her of only being concerned for Cosby reruns and residuals for herself.

She fired back by clearing up she never dismissed or said to forget these women. The two look great in their wedding photos, and Luda’s mom even picked out the bride’s gown. No sooner did Rock announce the end of his 19-year marriage than he hit the dating scene.

Rashad has said these accusations are about something else and not the women. Rapper/actor Ludacris got engaged a couple of weeks ago to his longtime girlfriend Eudoxie Mbouguiengue, but turns out they also got married right away. Now the two have weathered storms together, including the continuing legal wranglings because of the “break baby” Ludacris had with another woman. Rock stated he no longer wanted to be married and he meant it!

The couple welcomed their second child together on New Year’s Day, which is also Tank’s birthday. Oscar winners Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer are joining forces for the movie “Black or White.” The movie is about Costner fighting Spencer in court over their interracial granddaughter. Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell in “Get Hard” hits theaters March 27. She’ll star in a new TV movie called “With This Ring.” Regina Hall (“Think Like A Man”), Brooklyn Sudano and Eve help round out the cast as the ladies navigate their way through their adventures of finding husbands. Ebony magazine is celebrating 2014 with a year-end issue celebrating their Power 100 list.

Gabrielle Union returns with the second season of “Being Mary Jane,” Feb. After a winter break, TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder” return to the ABC lineup Thursday, Jan. Jason George (“Grey’s Anatomy”; “Eve”) and Deion Sanders also star. Those on the lists include Oprah Winfrey, Roland Martin and Kevin Frazier, the new co-anchor of Entertainment Tonight.

She doesn’t want to become a part of the public debate.