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I am dating my friends mom

Or when the "friends" my mom limited my time with because she didn't trust them screwed up time and again (legally, academically, socially, etc.), and I wasn't there with them because I was at home. Maybe I wasn't giving her every juicy detail of my private life, but she knew the big stuff, and most importantly, she took the time to know me.Even though I fought against her every single step of the way.

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Mom Meet Mom is one that was brought to my attention today. Yes, I was the one who couldn't go to the "cool" aka sketchy parties where things that should not have been going down went way, way down. Yes, I had to stay in and work on projects and papers while my friends half-assed their homework and were able to do fun things without me. Other things, like sneaking out to go to a party with boys my friends and I met on the beach . My homework was done before I could go out, my bedtime was set in stone, and talking back to my mom or dad was the ultimate crime. well that month-long grounding doesn't even really seem like By the time I was allowed to watch R-rated movies, I knew the spoilers for them all anyway since everyone else on the planet had seen them already, and I snuck episodes of my favorite "adult" shows while my parents were out of the house.I feel closer to him than i feel to best friend of 10 years, and even my mother.

Our parents found out, and seperated us from each other for almost 6 months.

If you are one of those people who abhors gossip, or claims not to do it – we can’t be friends. I make a fantastic lasagna and I know a lot about wine.

Can you differentiate between John Coltrane and Miles Davis? Do you understand the musical importance of Prince? If you are one of those people who thinks parenting is easy and it causes you no stress or anxiety, I may ask to come over and observe you in your natural habitat.

And yes, my mom and I steadily butted heads throughout my teenage years, racking up so many slammed doors (on my part), tear-filled tantrums (me again), and long phone calls (her with her own mom, me b*tching to my friends) that I genuinely lost count around age 14. When those same friends — whom I loved despite (and because of) their antics — screwed me over and broke my heart, my mom never uttered anything close to "I told you so." Instead, she held me while I cried, she promised me it would get better, she finally let me watch those episodes of and she sat there and watched them all with me.

I wasn't complaining so much when report cards came back and I was lining up my As in a nice row. When I was tearing out my hair because math was ruining my soul (not much has changed there), she was the one telling me grades aren't everything (yes something, but not everything), she was the one taking me to and from tutoring to try and help me, she was the one trying to figure out that damn equation that she didn't know the answer to any more than I did.

How many times she probably wished she could've taken the easy route and said "yes" when saying "no" was so much more difficult. Maybe she wavered behind closed doors, but never in front of me.