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Howie dorough dating

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The two met in 2000 while she was working on the Backstreet Boys' website.The couple welcomed their first son, James Hoke, on May 8, 2008, and another, Holden John, on February 16, 2013.

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The couple had commenced dating in 2001 and announced their engagement in new year eve of 2006.Dorough already knew bandmate AJ Mc Lean, from a talent show and the local audition circuit.Nick Carter, along with cousins Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell, completed the group.Florida’s native, Howie Dorough took birth during the year 1973 on 22 August.Born in Orlando to Paula Flores and Hoke Dorough, Howie is the youngest of 5 siblings.He is son to Paula Flores and his late father Hoke Dwaine Dorough. He graduated from Edgewater high school in Orlando. Mc Lean, Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson started the band Backstreet Boys.

Beside his band member he was also member of Florida State Thespians troupe 557 at Edgewater high school. Regarding his personal life, he is already married to his longtime girlfriend after dating for six years.

Moving into the personal life of this hot singer, he has always been a generous and gentle man.

Despite of being a hot favorite singer and dream date of many girls, his commitment towards his relationship is commendable.

He's continued to have small acting gigs while making music with his boy band and as a solo artist.

The married dad is also involved in advocacy for lupus awareness after losing his sister to the disease.

His heritage is part Latin from his mom side and part Irish from his dad side.