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How to talk to an intimidating person

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Take note of this, inhale deeply, and say to yourself, “Danny Jones is successful and socially savvy.

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Let’s say you’ve got a big luncheon that will include some bigwigs and you feel your heart start to pound.Granted, you won’t always have the chance to prep for a meeting with a VIP, but often you will.The more ready you are before the interaction, the more confident you’ll be. Now that you’ve identified what drives your fear, you might think to yourself, “I’ll think ahead about some small talk I can engage in if we bump into each other. Then I’ll feel more comfortable if we should happen to run into each other.” (For your reference: 48 small talk starters you can use in these situations.) Now instead of worrying about what to say if you bump into Mr.It may also impact their self-esteem and confidence if they believe the other person’s claim that they are incoherent when they talk and therefore the blame for any problems in the professional or personal relationship.Intimidation usage: “I hear only rambling and mumbling when you speak; there is no .” 2.Had I not been acting irrationally though, I’d have realized physical similarity doesn’t equate to matching personalities.

I wouldn’t have made any assumptions about the new supervisor and instead would’ve given her a fair chance.

So, let go of your misconceptions, own your own worth, and treat powerful people like people.

As Muse writer Lily Herman puts it , “Important or famous people shouldn’t be treated any differently.” Embracing this way of thinking will allow you to talk as two equals, and that’s when the conversation can really take off.

The underlying cause of your fear will be unique to you and may vary from one situation to another.

General anxiety at the thought of interacting with highly successful people may be due to your perceived inadequacy.

Whether you call it anxiety, discomfort, intimidation, or something else, what’s eating at you is fear.