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The four animal groups: Group 1: – Mouse/Rat, Dragon and Monkey Characteristics- action oriented, positive minded and hardcore competitors Group 2: – Buffalo/Ox, Snake and Cock/Rooster Characteristics- deep thinkers and objective minded Group 3: – Tiger, Horse and Dog Characteristics- independent and egoistic Group 4: – Cat/Rabbit, Goat and Pig Characteristics- peace loving, co-operative, sensitive and considerate To know about your Chinese sign you have to use your date of birth.For example if you were born on the 9th of April 1967, then the animal sign corresponding to your date of birth will be the goat.

You can write a few emails on your lunch break or in an internet cafe.Many people have trouble talking to a stranger but writing a few lines about yourself is easy for most of us. Woman on Street: It’s much easier to cheat on someone online, much easier. Do you speak on the phone and see each other, or leave everything to emails and text? After a few months of dating, have you met your dates friends, family or co-workers? Of course you are not going to meet her network right away. It is true that people who have little to worry about in a relationship rarely question their partner’s fidelity. You have certain elements in your life that you need to learn.If you do not know what to say in your emails, look to see if he has asked you any questions. It is best if the questions that you ask follow on from what you were just telling, so that you do not seem to be interrogating him. Woman on Street: If they can find someone to date online, then they can date someone else. While it’s true that some people hate the phone, make sure to have at least a few phone conversations. You should never date someone who you only communicated with through typed words. But after a number of months of dating it is a valid concern if you have never met anybody connected to her. After a few months of dating, have you seen your date’s home? Well it turns out that this guy who was flying into Canada from the UK, actually lived thirty minutes away from her, with his wife and two kids. So if you have an off feeling, trust your instinct and investigate more. Your partner has certain elements, certain situations to overcome in his or her life.Introduction: Chinese astrology is somewhat different from western astrology though some of its elements have similarities with eastern or Vedic astrology.The aim here is to delve into the finer aspects of this ancient astrological study and present a holistic view on the same.Ask him about his job, show an interest in his kids, find things that you have in common.

One of the main ways that people connect, make friends, build relationships and feel safe with another person, is by finding links between them.

With Chinese astrology you can discover many things about yourself.

You can also find out how far you are compatible with lovers, family members, celebrities, friends, co-workers, travel companions and so on.

One has to enter his/her date of birth to determine the animal sign associated with the same.

Accordingly a compatibility chart is prepared to check compatibility between two individuals.

To put it simply even though each animal is different their style of understanding and thinking is more or less aligned.