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Here's what's happening: Effective January 1, 2018, if your state and local taxes total more than $10,000 in the year, you will effectively be double-taxed on the amount paid above $10,000 as if it were income rather than written-off as taxes paid.

Some towns rushed to set up prepayments, and stopped when they learned their payment receipt structure would not qualify residents to apply the prepayment on their 2017 taxes.According to a statement by Apple, the price of an out-of-warranty i Phone battery replacement will be $29 instead of $79.The price drop will occur in late January, and available for anyone with an i Phone 6 or later. Apple is doing this pricedrop as part of an apology for slowing down i Phones with old batteries meant prevent abrupt shutdowns, but instead caused many people's phones to perform slowly all the time.Recent articles published on Yahoo finance,,, and The L. Times all have the following advice for homeowners: Someone who meets all the above criteria might be able to defer their tax increase until 2019, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in 2018 by prepaying their property taxes before December 31.Your state's tax offices and local news organizations may provide details specific for your area.If you buy online, choose 1 e Premiere 4-Pack e Tickets for $36, or 1 Restricted e Premiere 4-Pack e Tickets for $40.

Restricted tickets work in all states, whereas regular tickets will not work in CA, NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA, and DC.

Normally $450 to $500, and was on sale for $350 to $380 during Black Friday.

Here's a user review of the TV, and a professional review.

Looking past the frustration of being the owner of an old i Phone, a new replacement battery for $29 is actually a great deal worth doing.

Here's why: Every phone's battery will hold significantly less charge after 2 years, regardless of software on the phone.

Present these tickets at the box office counter at a Regal theater (cannot be used online). Promotional gift cards that are given free do expire within a specified time (check the details on their site). After 3 months, they will charge $10/mo for non-Prime members, $7/mo for Prime members, and $5/mo for students.