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History of internet dating

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Richly scented plants were fused into animal and vegetable oils for ceremonial anointings and for pleasure.From 7,000 to 4,000 BC, the fatty oils of olive and sesame were combined with fragrant plants to create the original Neolithic ointments.

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At parties, servants would place a cone of perfumed grease on the head of each guests.Most Egyptians bathed daily in the river or out of a water basin at home.Wealthy homes had a bathroom where servants would pour jugs of water over their master (equivalent to a modern day shower).In addition to reducing sun glare, it was believed that kohl eyeliner could restore poor eyesight and reduce eye infection.(ED 370) Kohl was kept in a small, flat-bottomed pot with a wide, tiny rim and a flat, disk-shaped lid.When the Egyptians were learning to write and make bricks in 3,000 BC, they were also importing large quantities of myrrh.

The earliest recorded items of Egyptian commerce included spices, gums and other fragrant plants that were reserved mainly for religious use.

Cosmetics have been used for as long as there have been people to use them.

Face painting is mentioned in the Old Testament (Ezekiel ) and eye shadow was used in Egyptian burials dating back to 10,000 BC (Llewelyn) The word "cosmetae" was first used to describe Roman slaves whose function was to bathe men and women in perfume.

The cone would gradually melt and give the wig a pleasant fragrance.

(Rigby)Because jewelry has been inherently connected to cosmetics, makeup and apparel, some abridgment is necessary.

(Rigby) People rubbed themselves daily with a perfumed unguent oil that had soaked in scented wood.