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YOU ARE READING Fanfiction A fanfiction about Chat Noir and Marinette. "I'll leave you two, and don't worry, I won't tell anyone Adrien as long as you let me interview you." Alya demanded. Adrien and Marinette walked out of the bakery and went for a photoshoot of Adrien. When he arrived they immediatly had to start as Marinette just went to wait for him. How their daily activities brought them closer together to the point they couldn't be separated again. -Disclaimer- I do not own any of the characters in this book. Soon after the photoshoot started, crashing sound came from around them. The two looked at eachother before taking off to find a spot to transform.

It was common between the two to flirt and for Chat to always try and win her over but every time he had a goofy joke or cat pun that made it seem more light hearted.The city looked truly beautiful all lit up like that.Chat cleared his throat next to her and fidgeted a bit.Ladybug looked towards him worried something was bugging her cat."Chat? You haven't made any puns lately.""I wanted tonight to be purrfect my lady.""There's my chat." Ladybug let out a small sigh.Chat was still making puns which means she didn't have to be so worried."In all honesty..." Chat turned Ladybug towards him as much as he could without pulling her off the beam they sat balanced on and held her hands.They were across the street from the tower now, at the Trocadero and Ladybug stood up free of Chats grip, still a bit surprised at the free fall they just did.

Realizing where they were now she started to giggle."It's like you read my mind.""What do you mean bugaboo?

I use them for inspiration sometimes." Marinette looked up at the Eiffel tower all sparkling in lights against the starry sky and wished she had a camera or her phone with her."When will I get to know the you behind this mask, my lady? His fingers brushed the bottom of her mask while her heart jumped in response, surprising Marinette."Maybe one day Chat. It really was getting colder now that the wind had seemed to pick up. "Chat moved even closer towards her so there was barely any room but enough that they weren't touching.

Chat went back to his fidgeting but a determined look filled his brilliant green eyes."I've been thinking about this a lot and it's very important but I could never find the right moment, my love.""So say it alre-" Ladybug left off the rest of her sentence when what her partner had said sunk in. He was just staring at her with this mix of worry and determination and something else too. Not yet at least."I've been wanting to say that and tell you truthfully right out without any jokes.

Chat had called her out for a nightly patrol and they decided to take a break right where Chat had planned.

They were the only ones there looking out at a sleeping Paris with only a few cars out on the streets.

This time she knew that the boy, her partner, standing in front of her was dead serious."Chat…" Ladybug began but didn't know what to say. Sure she liked Chat Noir but she was in love with Adrien and was waiting to be with him although it was a slim chance.