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Harshad chopra and anupriya kapoor dating

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Taani is still in love with Anurag whereas Anurag now loves his mentor's daughter, Nupur.

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Beyhadh, which sees Jennifer in her first anti-heroine avatar, is among the most loved television shows.Robindo then marries Jonaki, Mauli's sister, as payback, and later, also frames Taposh for a gas leak accident before surrendering due to his love for Mauli.It then turns out Ritesh has been cheating on Ananya with an illicit worker named Gulabo.Uncomfortable at first, they slowly start falling for each other.But after the death of Taani's father due to a misunderstanding created by Shekhar's cheating son-in-law, Ritesh, the couple is separated for eight years.Teenagers Taani and Anurag studied in the same school and have been buddies since childhood.

Their respective fathers have also been best friends.

Both their engagements are scheduled for the same day, but owing to fate, Sushant leaves Taani, dubious of her and Anurag, and Nupur leaves Anurag for a modelling assignment abroad.

To save their families, they get engaged and decide to carry on the charade.

When he succeeds, Nupur suddenly returns and threatens suicide before Anurag accepts her in urgency, though he still loves Taani.

Finally, in a family function, Anurag declares his love for Taani and proposes to her. Also, Anurag's younger brother, Robindo reveals he loves their friend, Mauli, who is in love with Taposh Banerjee, and manages to make her agree for marriage before she finds out about his illegitimate child and gets married to Taposh, leaving Robbi heartbroken.

Anurag plans to take Taani to the US but is almost killed by Ritesh on the way.