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Only 25% of Rwanda’s 11 million people live in an urban setting, so naturally farmers make up a large percentage of the country’s workers.During our time in Rwanda I met some of the coffee farmers and cooperatives, heard about their lives and witnessed the production process from seed to cup.

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But my confidence comes because I speak the truth; whatever I am speaking is true.”PICO Rwanda (formerly Congregations Rebuilding Community in Rwanda-CRCR) was formed by Pastor John Rutsindintwarane, a native Rwandan, who began organizing in Rwanda in 2006 after a one year internship with the US PICO affiliate Oakland Community Organizations.Their co-op has built two more houses and will start marketing roofing tiles in 2017.In the Capitol city of Kigali, women have moved from sexual exploitation to form a cooperative with several small business enterprises.With equipment and staffing provided by the Rwandan government, the families of Rusumo will have a fully operating clinic early next year that will provide education, family planning, and treatment for AIDs/HIV, malaria, and other diseases. The act of taking a few minutes out of your day to swallow a few sips has proven to be so popular among people from a wide variety of cultures over the world to the point that in the USA alone an estimated 146 billion cups are consumed yearly.In rural Nyange, women—the poorest of the poor—alone as a result of the genocide are building homes and baking roofing tiles.

Dorosela, an HIV/AIDs widow, was trained to make roofing tiles. The community showed their gratitude to Dorosela, by building the first new home in the village for her.

PICO Rwanda is a locally based, government recognized NGO supporting local communities across Rwanda.

PICO Rwanda works with grass roots communities in six communities.

Pastor John was invited to work in this village after he held a series of introductory workshops of the PICO community-building/leadership development model.

He told Mumeya residents that he had no money to offer, but he was willing to give them his brain and his heart.

To sustain our thirst for coffee many of the big coffee outlets buy via a chain of brokers from mass production plantations that churn out low-grade produce at attractive prices.