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Handle intimidating people

So, for week #1 it’s $1.00, then week #2 it’s $2.00, then week number 3 it’s $3.00 and on and on until you reach the 52nd one (which you’d have placed $52 aside). [Editor’s Note: Jeff over at is currently rounding up people to participate in this. Or, if you’re having second doubts, check out this one by Carrie who says you *shouldn’t* do this challenge!Doing this for 52 straight weeks will net you a whopping $1,378 at the end of the year! And what you should do instead ;)] This one’s also a fun and easy one.

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) people use the zillion (this figure may be slightly elevated for Dramatic Effect) $1 coins all minted and ready to go. You have paper and then you have heavy metal objects taking up too much space that have no organization in your pocket that take forever to find what you’re looking for and then counting it out takes 10x as long as flipping through organized paper all in order. Reply I’m doing a money challenge each month this year.A lot of different ideas here, but really the only ones that matter are the ones you *take action* on ;) So hopefully you do – whether it’s your own, or one or two from here. ———— PS: If you like that piece of artwork up there, you should see my business card. I’d rather just sell then all and be done with it though :) I’ve always liked the penny/change jar. No spend challenge sounds the best though, you can’t argue that won’t save you a boat load of cash! Reply We are doing the 52 week challenge right now, putting in double the weekly amounts.Reply I lasted only like a week when I first gave it a shot, but now I’m pretty good at looking around the house and asking myself what I can get rid of/sell/donate. I would love to enter that giveaway at Jeff’s site but I don’t want another savings account floating out there.We still do #4 and usually nets us at least several hundred dollars a year and have been doing #5 for ages.I love #6, that’s something we’d definitely benefit from in our house as it seems like with each kid, the amount of our “stuff” grows exponentially.I think it drives my wife crazy (she doesn’t get it), but it keep me entertained :) Eventually I’ll only be left with HER stuff! We have a nice glass jar where we drop in the cash and cross off the chart. Reply I’m with you on that one – ever since we’ve merged allllll accounts under one roof (except for mortgage) it’s been amazing.

Just one main place to log in and see everything you need :) I love USAA so much. I think we’ve done all or most of them in the past.

(Plus, a bonus is you’ll get a much better understanding of your money the longer you keep it up, which will help you further than most anything else you can do!

) Similar to idea #1, the deal here is to consciously get you to pay attention to each and every transaction you’re making.

It got me to realize how bad my shopping/mall habits were (I always went when bored), and rarely have the urge to go anymore :)] This one is pretty popular with people because it only requires you to put some cash in a jar once a week – no other work required!

All you do is put $1.00 in a jar on Monday of week #1, and then up it by another dollar each consecutive week.

Step #1 is to create a new savings account at any bank of your choice – preferably one outside of your current bank so there’s less temptation to pull from it (in fact, don’t even set up online access OR get a debit card – nix all temptation whatsoever! Step #2 is to set up an automatic transfer it once a month. Whatever you can comfortably squirrel away without worrying about anything.