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Guillaume canet audrey tautou dating

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Also living in her apartment block is Philibert, an aristocratic history buff, and his flatmate Franck, a surly, womanising cook.Franck appears unpleasant, but he softens considerably when in the company of his beloved grandmother, Paulette.

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However their friendship blossoms after Camille offers to quit her job so to take care of Paulette, and together all four of the characters reinvigorate their passions for life and love Blessed with a sweetly funny script and a terrific cast, not to mention the note-perfect direction of a true master of his field, Claude Berri delivers romance, passion and fun in HUNTING AND GATHERING, his latest smash-hit!Bertin's Paulette is no cipher, however - possessed of unassailable dignity and a dry humour, she faces the world with a bracing matter-of-factness.The only flaw in the tale is Stocker's Philibert, who did strike me as more construct than character.More moderate responses are as rare as current films about French political life.These days, romantic comedies rule and if you're among Tautou's fans, this isn't a bad one.From Oscar-winning director Claude Berri (JEAN DE FLORETTE, TESS) comes Hunting and Gathering, a delightful drama starring the lovely Audrey Tautou (AMELIE) and the equally charming Guillaume Canet (TELL NO ONE).

Filmed fittingly in the city of love, this Parisian romance centers on Camille (Tautou), a melancholic artist who works as a cleaner to pay the rent of her ice-cold attic apartment.

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Acclaimed director Claude Berri (Jean de Florette) helms the whimsical romantic comedy Ensemble, c'est tout (Hunting and Gathering, 2007).

A box office blockbuster in France, the picture follows the romantic couplings that form in the lives of several lonely Parisian singles.

The lead characters include: an emotionally fragile, exhausted cleaning lady named Camille (Audrey Tatou) who is suffering from anorexia; a well-to-do young man named Phillibert struggling with his own sexual orientation (Laurent Stocker) but who begins to drift toward heterosexuality and a stable relationship with a woman; and Phillibert's rebellious pothead roommate Franck (Guillaume Canet), who can never quite breach the possibility of committing to one woman, or come face to face with his dream of opening a French restaurant - until he meets Camille and the pieces begin to fall into place.

Predictably enough, he and Camille start by detesting one another.