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Greg hahn dating

From couples trips to discover the dinosaur tracks in Moab Utah, to an 8 mile trek down into the South rim of the Grand Canyon into the...This Halloween I decided to revisit the Friday the 13th with the ultimate Jason, Kane Hodder. Before I bring Jason back from the dead, I talk with my producer, Brad Shoemaker, about a new venture he is working on called the "Don't Flinch" podcast.

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On the podcast we find out how Ron began his career.The group Concerned Boise Taxpayers filed a public records request with Boise State and the City of Boise to get documents about the stadium - a project the group is strongly opposed to, but one Boise city leaders hope will break on Americana and Shoreline next year.The group passed some of those records along to KTVB and we confirmed they are legitimate, so we reached out to the city and BSU to help shed a little more light."It's been part of the public conversation in downtown and around Boise for many many years," City of Boise spokesperson Mike Journee said.Think of it like the old 30s and 40s radio horror dramas. Don't Flinch is looking to raise funds to buy scripts, pay for voice talent, and some new... In one way or another we have all been effected by this horrible disease.My guest this week has lived through some of the scariest words ever uttered: “you have cancer”.Not only was he an amazing radio air personality, music director and assistant program director he was a great friend to many of the classic rock bands of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

Including; Kiss, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Sammy Hagar, Quiet Riot, Styx and so many more.

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Plus Kristi will touch on some news stories, as that is what she's known for. World renowned motivational and business speaker Scott Mc Kain is my guest this week.

Description: Kristi Lee steps out of the shadow of the Bob and Tom Show where she can start a new venture, beginning with this show, Kristi Lee Uninterrupted. We also discuss expensive wine, I mean very expensive wine. What was the most expensive bottle Arthur has ever shared? Scott has a remarkable ability to captivate and motivate anyone.

But those opposed feel Mayor Bieter and the Boise City Council have been hashing out the details, promoting this private development and partially publicly-funded sports park, behind closed doors and away from the public."Well the mayor has a lot of private conversations with a lot of different people about a variety of different topics," Journee added.