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Umberto Rossi Pic nicely captures the hopelessness of life in late 90s Albania and, as Eduart, relative newcomer Durmishi does a fine job conveying the surprise of a young man discovering he still has sensitive areas in his soul.Jay Weissberg In one of the best screenplays in recent years, Angeliki Antoniou questions in detail the chronicle of the conflict between the personal reason and the social result.

Panayotis Timogiannakis In Eduart there are two key characteristics that we rarely see in Greek films: on the one hand there is a harsh sense of realism that rejects any beautification both visual and as regards the subject and, on the other there is a flawless pace in the tension and in every breath which keep the interest unrelenting.Like the Dostoevskian hero Raskolnikov, Eduart passes from crime to punishment. In international criminal history, the "Eduart case" occurs once in a hundred years. Erdmann), Ndricim Xhepa (Raman), Dancho Chevreski (lawyer), Ermela Teli (Natasha), Adrian Aziri (Elton), Gazmend Gjokaj (Petro), Manos Vakousis (Harissis), This extremely powerful and moving film is not in any way as worthy or sentimental as it sounds; nor, like its Dostoevskian hero, does it take the easy path to final redemption.It also manages to avoid most of the clichés of the brutal prison genre: instead of the documentary realism that is usual with these subjects, it is beautifully shot and framed with a discreet use of music.Ronald Bergan Film Director Angeliki Antoniou created savagely beautiful and heartbreaking images.Her hero passes from crime to punishment, crying out his guilt, as in a Dostoevsky novel.As it is perceived in "Eduart", when dignity was a rule in the good old days for every film.

Sergey Lavrentiev This magnificent film is a treasure of emotions.

But the second part has an original expiatory-mystic cut.

The best merit is the building up of the story: the director shows a great ability to keep the dramatic side of the events down and create passages whose development and conclusions are already clear, engrossing.

Eshref Durmishi is quite good playing an unsympathetic anti-hero.

This film should be a contender; but I suspect it is too bleak for this crowd.

Rating: *** 1/4 (maximum rating is ****) Ken Rudolph Cinematographer Jürgen Jürges brings an antiquated subtlety to the film that perfectly matches Antoniou's thematic thrust and the whole, despite its disturbing setting and content, is riveting.