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He could cour drey his besh, he could fight in his time.

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To filch, steal in an artful manner by bending down. The old cant word Canihen, signifying the gaol-fever, is derived from this Gypsy term. To-morrow, also yesterday: collico sorlo, to- morrow morning. Connected with this word is the Scottish Chiel, the Old English Childe, and the Russian Chelovik. Cheaus is an old French hunting term for the young ones of a fox. According to the Hindu mythology, there is a hell of mud; the bengues of the Gypsies seem to be its tenants.

Bero, las galeras, the galleys; presidio, convict garrison.

Alone, undone: meklis or mukalis bicunyie, let it alone.

Blower is used by Lord Byron, in his ' Don Juan.' Speaking of the highwayman whom the Don shoots in the vicinity of London, he says that he used to go to such-and-such places of public resort with--his blowen.

To cut the stick; to cut skewers for butchers and pegs for linen-lines, a grand employment of the Gypsy fellows in the neighbourhood of London.

To cast, fling, throw, place, put: chiv lis tuley, fling it down; chiv oprey, put up.

Beluni de o tarpe (tem opre), the Queen of Heaven, the Virgin.