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Clearly, one person could no longer do it all, so we assembled a team of trusted freelancers, staff writers, and restaurant reviewers.Together, we came up with a list of some 75 places to try, and then we hit the road, eating as much as we could without splitting our britches. Notes and score sheets were kept, and when the dust settled, 38 places made the final cut.

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(The only improvement would be a dressing that is less in-your-face.) Though the Akaushi is clearly the star, it doesn’t push the regular steaks off the stage.You visit them for a grilled T-bone and to get in touch with your inner Gus Mc Crae.So it came to pass about a year ago that we decided it was time to reprise our decade-old story.Our featured top three span the state from Houston to San Antonio to Buffalo Gap.(By the way, seven of the ten from 1997 are on the present list.) As with any ranking of “bests,” there are bound to be differences of opinion. We’ll publish the names of your favorites and check them out—promise. To paraphrase the Duchess of Windsor: In Texas, you can’t be too rich or eat too many steaks.(Hell, Henry James could have eaten here and felt perfectly at home.) Interestingly, while the demeanor of Bohanan’s is traditional, its kitchen is as modern as many of the “new steakhouses’,” like Wolfgang Puck’s Cut.

Yes, typical dishes are offered, like a wedge salad and a fabulous vodka-laced flaming cheese fondue, for those customers who lack the gene for experimentation.

Together, they add up to a pitch-perfect steakhouse vibe, blending cosmopolitan style and Texas ease.

The Houston restaurant opened first, a dozen years ago, when two members of the Greek-American family that was famous (some would say infamous) for the mass-market eateries Pappasito’s (Mexican) and Pappadeaux (seafood) turned their attention to red meat.

All the cuts on the menu (including a chateaubriand for two) are USDA Prime, and they come out precisely cooked.

If a purist had any complaint, it might be that they are briefly marinated in a sauce that seems to involve soy (the recipe is a secret).

We expect to hear from several prominent steakhouses that aren’t included, and we know we’ll hear from you, our readers. • USDA Prime; filet is prime & top choice • Dry-aged in-house for 4 to 5 weeks; filet is wet-aged • Broiled at 700 to 800 degrees to the unsurpassed Prime beef, Pappas Bros.