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Gossip girl co stars dating

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‘It was awful, not only because we thought we were going to lose our jobs but also because she didn’t deserve it, we were just tired and irritable.‘Thankfully, she listened to our fulsome apologies but it was never the same afterwards.’Maybe Stephanie should have told her boss it was a team-bonding exercise.

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I love the tingling sensation I get running through my veins as I’m told a supposed secret, feeling my eyes narrow in judgment and puffing my chest out in indignation if I feel someone’s done something wrong. I get a strange sense of self-importance that people come to me when they want to know what’s going on. ’ When I start gossiping, I pick over every single aspect with relish.And I’m regularly regaled with celeb gossip so juicy it can’t be printed — I love watching TV knowing the presenter is an alcoholic or that the glamorous size-zero starlet on a chat show had been in floods of tears earlier, convinced she was fat.It’s the perfect profession for a gossip junkie like me.Reports claim that the fire broke out at 1 Above restaurant and soon it spread to Mojo’s Bistro, which is partly owned by Shankar Mahadevan’s son Siddharth Mahadevan.The restaurants and several nearby media houses like TV 9, Zoom TV, Times Now and ET Now’s offices were badly affected by fire.Rajesh Khanna, who delivered many hits during his time married actres Kamala Mills Fire: Bollywood, TV celebs express shock, condolence The Kamala Mills tragedy has moved everyone’s heart.

Massive fire broke out last night which took away 15 lives and 19 people reported to have been injured in the incident.

In fact, my love of gossip is so strong, I’ve been forced to amend my mother’s mantra to the rather more appropriate: ‘If you haven’t got anything good to say about someone, come and sit by me.’ However, I learned long ago not to broadcast the fact that I like talking behind people’s backs, because even though most of us do it, it’s still a social taboo right up there with shopping at Aldi and telling someone their bum does look big in that. For now scientists have proved what I suspected all along — that gossiping is actually good for you.

The second there’s the sniff of a new rumour doing the rounds, my phone rings off the hook and my email inbox becomes clogged with pals wondering if I’ve heard and what else I know.

‘At around 1am, I went to the loo with a colleague and we launched into a mass moaning session about her.

‘You can guess the rest — my boss was in a cubicle and overheard everything.

Most probably, the picture is from Rajesh Khanna’s election campaign days.