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Google latitude not updating droid eris

google latitude not updating droid eris-85

With all the doom and gloom surrounding the i Phone 6 ’s bend issues, it’s sometimes important to step back and make light of the situation.

And of course, you can find all the games and apps you want on Android Market.In my opinion I would be able to set these settings in several menu's later on.As from this point on Latitude behaves like reported on this thread. Sorry to wake this topic but it seems still unresolved and I have some input.Given that you have accepted the terms and conditions, especially location updates to be sent from your phone, Google Maps should update your position every 20 minutes, regardless whether it is running or not.Once we have program settings out of the way as a reason, I think the problem is not related to Google Maps at all, but is actually an internet connection issue.Anyone with similar issues I would appreciate any comments you may have. GM use notification (low-level alarm) to wake the phone up after 20 minutes and update the position. Out of the box I had some time and answered all these questions. After a few weeks I had to upgrade the ROM (SMS bug).

Mine does update the position when GM are closed nad 'yes' is choosen. You can you for example FDC task manager to check if the notification exists after closing GM. You should see something with 'google' there, with time set 20 minutes after the GM exit. Next few weeks my friends tell me my Latitude position was being updated. This time I did not take the time to answer all the questions (next next skip skip).

It would be nice if Latidude can do its 2 main features above properly with the phone turned off, ie. During initial startup several questions are asked.

you can still receive a call when the phone is off, weather still updates when the phone is off. One of them seems to be if you want to allow location updates to be send from your phone.

As a next step I am trying to troubleshoot internet connections.

I think the phone is using wifi to transmit location information.

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