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Global updating

GNU GLOBAL is a source code tagging system that works the same way across diverse environments, such as Emacs editor, Vi editor, Less viewer, Bash shell, various web browsers, etc.You can locate various objects, such as functions, macros, structs, classes, in your source files and move there easily.

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We deploy financial and intellectual capital to the design, integration and application of specialist technology, software and systems.We provide software and technology to strengthen and modernise networks, improve information assurance and enhance information exploitation.Our work in this area includes: The development and integration of systems and services that enable effective defence, intelligence and security operations.By using both public and private market capital structures to take key positions, Global Strategies Group is perfectly positioned to best support all of its stakeholders.Our investment approach is both rigorous and flexible and is guided by the following: Strategic Advantage We bring intellectual capital as well as finance to our investments, providing vision and strategy to help position and drive for accelerated growth.(definition and reference) Awk, Dos batch, COBOL, C, C , C#, Erlang, Fortran, Java, Java Script, Lisp, Lua, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Matlab, OCaml, Scheme, Tcl, Te X, Verilog, Vhdl and Vim.

To use the parser, please see the file 'plugin-factory/PLUGIN_HOWTO.pygments' in the package.

Through this, we help to secure the information domain, support defence, intelligence and law enforcement operations, and ensure the resilience of critical infrastructure.

The design and development of advanced solutions to protect the information domain.

Operational Experience Since being established in 1998, we have deployed our specialist capabilities across hundreds of complex programmes, from securing airports and national borders, to designing terrorist tracking systems and training cyber intelligence personnel.

GLOBAL Europe Based in London, our European operation includes our corporate headquarters, with the capacity and capability to support client operations in the United Kingdom and across Continental Europe.

We specialise in C4ISR systems engineering and mission critical security services.