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George michael dating 2016

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" (1933), "Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries" (1931)) / (performer: "Pennies from Heaven" (1936), "Yes, Yes!

‘What an experience.’ George’s pal Kate Moss is also working on a TV documentary taking fans through the keyhole of George’s life.Not least because in his 1990 book Bare, thevoraciously vas a red-blooded ladies' man who conductedaffairs with actress Brooke Shields, model Kathy Jeung and a host of female groupies.But then George has always had somethingof a tendency towards self-delusion, not tomention blatant hypocrisy.A source said: ‘George’s family want to focus on his music and career.‘The idea of someone taking elements of his lifestyle and sensationalising them for entertainment couldn’t be further away from that.’ Greek actor Konstantinos Kavakiotis is set to play George’s boyfriend Fadi Fawaz, who George was dating at the time of his death.In fact, just three months ago the 44-year-oldstar is said to have demanded the BBC cut hiscontribution to a programme when he inadvertentlygave rather too much away to his friend andfellow homosexual Stephen Fry during a televisioninterview on the subject of AIDS. singer, whose former partner Anselmo Feleppa died of an AIDS-related illnessin 1993, is said to have told producers the subjectwas "too personal and emotional" to be broadcast.

George is said to have insisted on being editedout of the programme, Stephen Fry: HIV And Me,after admitting on camera that he was too scaredto have an AIDS test. However, one subject he is said to be planning todiscuss in the book, the Mail has learned, is his"close" relationship with Princess Diana.

And he is the first to admit that his love ofmarijuana is hardly a natural bedfellow with therigorous self-discipline demanded of the lonelywriter — although he has cut his consumptionfrom 25 cannabis joints a day to six.

As an incentive to knuckle down, there is, ofcourse, the little matter of the £6 million the singeris being paid to tell the "no-holds-barred" story ofhis often troubled life. But no matter how badly he is afflicted by thecurse of writer's block as he finally sits down at hiscomputer, he won't, one imagines, be reaching for ayellowing copy of his first "searingly frank" autobiographyfor inspiration.

The very same Rupert Murdoch whom the Careless Whispersinger accused of being "the devil incarnate" on ITV's South Bank Show two years ago, duringwhich he openly smoked pot while being interviewed.

Scroll down for more..."I think Murdoch is the devil and has been for 20years," he said. Twenty years later we have a media dictator."A "devil", it seems, the outspoken George is to sellhis soul to — for the right price, of course.

Kate was seen filming segments for the show at George’s home in Highgate in May.