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Gemini dating virgo

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Although she is her own worst critic, Virgo woman wants to serve the world and everyone who belongs in it by identifying their faults and bringing a systematic order to the confusion and disarray around them.

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The airy Gemini and earthy Virgo make a somewhat contradicting match.Gemini Man has to control his flirtatious tendencies and Virgo woman has to give the Gemini man his own space.Compatibility of Gemini Woman and Virgo Man The love match of a Gemini woman and a Virgo man will gain advantage by their ability to understand each other's feelings and thoughts, mainly about the external world.Do you have questions for which you need answers to further analyse your relationship with a Virgo partner?Help is on the cards by availing our Love Ask 3 Questions service to put you in a driver's seat and get elaborate answers to all your pertinent questions regarding this relationship.Being overly organized and efficient is one virtue she takes pride in even though it seems a bit over the top to others.

Virgo woman does not have time for unwarranted emotions but she does have a need for affection.

Even though he is not completely insensitive, he does have a knack for keeping a distance.

But of course Gemini man possesses a very strong intellect and pretensions in front of him usually fail.

The Virgo woman always respects her Gemini man and teaches him to be calm and serene, just like her.

When there is a lot of love in the relationship, their words are healing to each other.

Gemini-Libra Compatibility Geminians and Librans have a gregarious nature. Boredom will never encroach upon the compatibility of this love match as both of them are extremely intellectual.