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Furry sex chatbot

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He'd have to do this on his office computer, otherwise the technology might play up, she said.In truth, of course, the reason was so she could get access to his company's IT system.

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She had started her career as an assistant at the trendy Clapham Picturehouse in south-west London, before staff jobs at various photographic studios.In reality, we know this number will be much higher as many scam losses go unreported,' Mr Cocker said.After spending a year in developing the product, Mr Cocker is excited to be launching another tool in the weapons to fight scammers.'We are really concerned about the growth of predatory email phishing, while victims remain essentially powerless.And if the executive had any suspicions about Mia, they would soon have been allayed by her extensive profile on Facebook, where she had more than 500 'friends', plus hundreds more on Linked In, the business social networking site she'd used to contact him, and numerous posts on Instagram.Mia was clearly a well-connected, sophisticated woman — a friend of several well-known photographers — who had set up her own business in 2014 and was going places.But sadly there was one big problem: Mia Ash didn't exist.

Instead, she is the incarnation of a modern honey trap.

An internet safety company in New Zealand has created a chatbot to target scammers by replying to their requests for information with controlled emails.

Re:scam, developed by Netsafe, works to divert the scammer's attention from the real victims and imitates human tenancies which includes grammatical errors and average humour Netsafe CEO Martin Cocker told Daily Mail Australia the revolutionary software differs from what has come before.

S., Israel, India and Saudi Arabia into revealing confidential data that would be dynamite for a rival nation such as Iran — the chief suspect in this case.

It wasn't intelligence agencies who caught her out, though. Ms Ash had been getting on so well with her latest conquest — an executive in the Middle East — she had asked for a little favour.

He said the aim is to deter scammers from focusing on high-risk targets and potential victims.'We hope that the bot will waste the time of scammers, so they have less time to pursue real people.