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Of course this was just part of the hysteria in the early 80's.I have heard that there is a new brand called Maximum Impact.

Finally when all the tops had arrived we were ordered up on hands and knees side by side, but in opposite directions so my mouth was next to his arse and his mouth was next to mine.I've been getting a lot of this lately - a Top decides he wants to fuck me, makes like he wants it, "Yeah, buddy, that pussy is all mine" etc., puts my body in position, fingers me up, checks if I'm wet, "Oh, man, that's a good wet boy cunt" etc., spreads my ass, lines up his hips, and... But back in the early days when I did occasionally return the favor, I could tell instantly whether I was hard enough to penetrate an asshole, and when I wasn't. I mean, it's not completely out of the question, but I'd rather do something more aesthetically clever.And then if they do manage to hit the spot, sometimes they'll ask, "Is it in? (Hint: If your cock is in my ass, you'll by God know it, because you'll think you've died and gone to Heaven.And I see in a lot of us gays doing this and I can now see why people like my ex have a hard time believing and get paranoid that every gay is a cheater When I arrived there was only the host, but pretty soon the other bottom arrived.We were ordered to strip naked and get in a 69 on the bed, and after a short while the other tops started arriving. using me like a cheap masturbation toy until he shoots off like the Fourth of July, flooding my stomach with his hot load…

I am just curious about your experiences using them, recommendations on various brands and anything else related to alkyl nitrates.

Just because you're not quite ready to breed me at that moment doesn't mean you can't Top me in so many other ways.

Your masculinity is what turns me into your bitch in heat, so spend some extra time showing me who's Top and why you like my body, and spend some time telling me how you like me to pleasure yours.

Before you know it, there won't be any need for wishful thinking.

It’s so sad when I see people right on zoom how they’re waiting for their boyfriend to leave so they cheat on him.

I'll make sure of that.) I absolutely don't mean to sound ungrateful.