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Bart appraised the world famous Native American Basket Collection for the Mission Inn and donated many Native American artifacts to the Sherman Indian Institute Museum in the name of Joan Odekirk.

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After Gladys Smith retired, Bart and Joan built up their business and soon became the top estate sale people in the Inland Empire.Odekirk's volunteered to set up a community based email list and asked if other companies wanted to be included.A total of seven companies were included in the original email list. Paul still voluntarily sends out the weekly emails and notices of sales for all the companies involved.Beasley's Antiques asked Odekirk's Estate Sales to begin liquidating the items of Beasley's warehouse.In 1974, Joe's father Gary opened Beasley's Antique store in a converted stable on the back side of the Mission Inn in downtown Riverside. Beasley's" after the Flyr family's Old English sheepdog. Thompson was one of the founders of the Citrus Industry in Southern California. Thompson was Riverside resident Philipp Washburn's father's (Archie Washburn) aunt and uncle.We ask all our customers and clients to donate to this group.

https:// In March 2017, the family of Joe Flyr, the owner of Mr.

In October 2014 Odekirk's fired a worker for theft.

This worker and his partner began their own estate sale business and then retaliated by placing several negative reviews against Odekirk's on Yelp and one on Yahoo claiming our estate sales are dirty and poorly managed.

Joan passed away in 1982 and Bart continued the business until his death in 1991.

The business was then guided by their daughter Janet Odekirk Foster. The Odekirk family continues to keep the tradition of the business their parents founded alive and well in Southern California.

With the help of our customers and clients, Odekirk's was able to raise a substantial donation to Doctors Without Borders for the Haitian Earthquake Relief Fund.