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She quickly got me hard and I furtively glanced over at Lisa wondering what she was thinking. I knew what Julie was doing, she was claiming me as hers once again. " I turned around and headed upstairs, where I went to get men's underwear out of my dresser. I dumped out my entire drawer to only find women's lingerie. Then grabbing a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, I threw on them and laced up my combat boots. Julie went on to explain that she loved Tina, and didn't want her to go away.I, personally, was mortified to be used like this and flushed a deep red. After that, I said I needed a break and headed upstairs for a shower and to change. She is so sexy already, but that'll put me in heat the moment she walks in the room." "He plays sports Lisa. It was as masculine as I could get on short notice. Lisa then repeated almost the same thing, saying she wanted more time with Tina. "And we can do injections instead of implants because it's easily reversible." "Why do I need boobs anyway? "It will make you look more natural and we can get rid of the breast forms," Lisa said.

Then when I went on about Lisa's dad checking me out as I changed the tire her expression became almost orgasmic." "Um, what'cha talking about," I said, interrupting them. But what you guys are suggesting is not just a big step, it's a monumental one. And the pump will help turn your nipples into an erogenous zone. With some nipple training, we can make your breasts more like a girl's than a boy's." "What's the difference?" "If you want, we can arrange to get a guy over here so you can try sucking on his nipples and see the difference," Julie teased with a smile. After a few more minutes of them cajoling me, I finally relented. " When they both nodded anxiously, I sighed, "I guess we can try it out, if I can always stop.Her pussy was completely exposed and already glistening. I quickly pulled the sweater off and she reached down herself and undid the bra. As she was waiting for the results she went on about how she would prefer a regular breast augmentation saying that the debate was still out on this technology, but she understood this was my choice and she appreciated me going through this much for Julie and her. I was too embarrassed that I might be recognized." She smiled at that and said, "I am going to insert some saline into your breasts to loosen things up, but it should dissipate quickly over the next couple of days." First, she massaged my breasts. She kneaded them gently (they ached), before telling me to sit up. " "Because my doctor said I am not allowed to exercise that way anymore," I said, trying to keep a straight face. In fact, I am going to give you a prescription for a daily dose of Lisa." "I don't think my insurance covers that," I quipped. " She chuckled at that and said, "They most certainly do not." She pulled me into her and we started making out.As my nipples became exposed, she reached over and tweaked them. After the scan, when she looked at the charts, her frown was visible. I closed my eyes tightly when she pulled out the needle and kept them closed until the pinch of the needles were done. Once she pronounced herself done, I looked down and was shocked. "Now that we are done with the work part, it's time to play," she said with another grin. "It's the only exercise I have been getting lately and I was told to cut it out." She looked at me seriously for a second and then caught on. I got tired of stretching upwards so much since I didn't have heels on and she did so I maneuvered her onto the exam table to bring her back down to my height.As I've never written anything longer than a college essay, I've had some struggles and I know this story is not as good as it could be, but at some point, I need to move on because I have more story to tell. Chapter 1 Have you ever been on such an emotional high for so long, that you absolutely KNOW a crash is coming?

Well, that's how I felt as I got off the plane from Vegas. The cross-examination began the moment the three of us were in the car driving to our house.

Special thanks go to Anjali and Sterenn for editing help and thanks to Lilith. I hope I can eventually live up to your expectations. I also need to thank several fans for their feedback and comments.

Some of your stories moved me and pushed me to keep writing.

You guys are driving me crazy." Lisa set me up with a noon appointment for the very next day at her office.

As I was getting dressed to head to her clinic, I don't know why, but I was nervous to leave the house dressed as Tina.

She grabbed them between her fingers and started to roll them around. She bent over to kiss me and I quickly stood up and took a step back. Parting her lab coat, I reached my arms around to her back and undid her bra.