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Free text chat room for any ages no registration or sign up

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a way to restore questions in this scenario.The best thing to do is avoid major data loss by using the save button after every one or two questions. internet connection speeds, this usually only takes about five to ten seconds to ensure your data is saved to our database.

To get our help with this, sign in to your account and use the Support link in your top nav bar.After using the “save” button, the next screen will let you go back into the create tool. When editing a question or answer, a small toolbar will appear in one corner of the text box.It will allow you to format text as bold, italic, superscript, or subscript.All-in-all, this process typically takes 1-3 business days.What if my kahoot was saved before, but I wasn’t able to save questions I recently added/edited?Our platform should display fine if your device supports any of the following font-families: Montserrat, “Helvetica Neue”, helvetica, arial, sans-serif It’s also possible that a unicode symbol is supposed to display that your browser doesn’t support.

If this is the case, you can simply try a different browser.

– There is no limit to how many kahoots you can have saved on your account.

– There is no way for us to restore a private kahoot.

It will also have a Ω button that will open a symbol picker.

The symbol picker allows you to insert symbols without using keyboard shortcuts. But here are some tips: You can find mathematical symbols in our rich text editor.

If you don’t find the symbol you need, you can try finding it here. It will appear below your answer choice fields when you are creating or editing a kahoot!