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She looked back at her laptop screen and noticed that he was masturbating hard while watching her, and after a few minutes she saw him shoot his load. Emily looked back at him, her rear end still up in the air while she slowly pushed the dildo in and out of her quivering vagina. "Tell me you liked that big black cock in you." he replied.She kept going for a few minutes more, finally letting out a deep moan as she felt an orgasmic wave flow through her. Emily turned enough to look at over her shoulder into the camera.

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She even found some text files that described what the men who had seen her pictures thought about them. " And "when can I come over and impregnate your white whore wife? Emily's anger burned even hotter when she found what appeared to be a few saved conversations between Josh and a black man with a ridiculous screen name of xxlblk4whitewife.In it, Josh had asked what xxl had thought of Emily's naked body and what he would like to do to his petite white wife.There were pages of graphic descriptions of what the strange black man wanted to do to her. Do you really want some strange black man to get your wife pregnant?!After a couple of months, Josh had managed to get his own hotel room during a port call. About a day before, Emily received a package in the mail from Josh.In it were some black and pink lingerie and a large black dildo. Inside the package was a note from him, saying he'd love to see her have fun with these things during their Skype date. She was afraid that he would violate the trust they had spent the last two years rebuilding, but as she stared at the big black dildo, she found her insides began to warm.She dressed up in the sexy sheer black and pink lingerie he sent her.

She did a nice strip tease and some explicit poses, removing the sheer thong panties and spreading her legs in front of the camera.

And what's with all the pictures of pregnant women?! Where men watch their wives have sex with other men? She even stopped taking her birth control, which greatly increased her sexual appetite. As the deployment approached, she caught him late at night masturbating to porn again.

He had been watching interracial cuckold porn again, mostly the creampie scenes.

She had just finished chatting with her husband on Skype. He had just delivered the news that his deployment had been extended for at least another six to eight months.

Emily began crying as soon as they finished chatting. The constant separation for training exercises and deployments had really begun to take their toll.

After the first deployment, Emily found her husband's collection of porn. There were lots of pictures of him having sex with his ex-girlfriend, and two videos of him having sex with another girl Emily didn't recognize.