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The Five Riders soon find themselves in a magical world and to combat their enemy join the Mage guild known as Fairy Tail.When a fully armed UNSC Infinity is transported to another galaxy by a strange spatial anomaly, Laskey and his crew are forced into the middle of a galactic Civil War, but soon realize they weren't the only ones affected by the very same anomaly that brought them there. I just had to add some in)Years of neglect has left Naruto bitter towards his family and the hate the village holds against him does not help.

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We pressed 0 when the automated system first started and again a couple more times.The JCPenney company was started by James Cash Penney more than 100 years ago.There have been tough times for this company in the recent decade, but somehow the high-end retailer managed to pull through and stay in business. Man, that just totally grosses me out thinking about it." - Duo Maxwell"Now this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky, the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die. He just goes and puts a broken bone back into place.Legend says that the Gundam Bael contains the soul of Agnika Kaieru.

But what if that legend…was more than just a legend.

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Customer service for JCPenney is navigated by an automated assistant.

Three years after a second defeat by the hands of Advent, The XCOM project puts all its hopes into a strange artifact, that promises to bring them heroes.

What they get instead are twelve Huntsmen and Huntresses, seven Simulation Troopers, four members of an MMO party, and a Supersoldier.

Awakening from a deep sleep, the founder of Gjallarhorn takes his new body and leaves the Earth to find a new world in need of peace and order.