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Free sex chat with hot grannies without signing up

Free sex chat with hot grannies without signing up-44

Fat, thin, big tits, little arses, and as wide a variety of erotic poses as you could wish for. Her bio said she was 65, divorced and liked alternative fun. But it was what she was wearing that really gripped him. The upper half was just big enough to cover the nipples of the massive mounds of flesh, hanging down over the top of her bare stomach, which in turned ballooned over the lower part of the bikini, hiding most of it Her location was about 15 miles away, near enough to travel, not too near for him to be known.Using the 'reply' option, and without really thinking about it, Gerry sent a message. I'm male, 30 years of age, unattached, living 15 miles from you, and would like to help you with your fun." A week passed, and although Gerry checked his messages every day, there was no response.

The crotch of the red material was soaking wet, and little dribbles from her orgasm slipped down into the very thin crack between her fat arse cheeks.Slowly at first then quicker and quicker until she hissed through closed mouth and shook as a first orgasm hit her.Gerry was a bit disappointed; he had anticipated more.This amused Gerry, did she see herself as a Bond Girl? The bungalow where Red Bikini woman lived was up a farm track, and to say the least was about as run-down as a house can be without actually falling down.Gerry had second thought about going in, but a mood of 'couldn't care less' had gripped him, so he parked up, walked up the grass covered path and rang the old fashioned bell hanging on the door. Bloody hell, she really was big, even bigger in the flesh, as it were.This room was unfurnished, except for a doctor's examination couch a small chair which had a large cardboard box on it,, a pair of spotlights on stands, and an expensive video camera on a standing tripod.

"I do like to look at pictures of myself after a session," the woman remarked. " "I'd be happy to help," replied, Gerry, "just tell me what you want me to do." She smiled, slid off the dressing gown, and laid it on the back of the chair.

As her breathing settled, she looked over at him, and chuckled.

"Don't be worried, lover," she coo'ed." That was just to get me wetted up a bit.

After a few questions and answers on both sides, a day and time were fixed. "Of course, I always wear it when I'm feeling sexy," was the reply.

He was to drive there the next Saturday, be there at 7.30 pm, and ring the doorbell four times. Saturday came, and Gerry drove to the address given.

He couldn't resist signing up to see what would come up.