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But now that line had been crossed, and a spree of fatalities followed before the twins were brought to justice.

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He had a long affair with Lady Dorothy, the heavily-set wife of Conservative prime minister Harold Macmillan. 'She had thighs like hams and hands like a stevedore.Iconic television producer Reg Grundy's long-lost daughter is squaring off against his widow over the estimated $715 million estate he left behind.Grundy passed away on May 6, 2016, at the age of 92, leaving his grieving wife and 'soul mate' Joy, 71, to pick up the pieces.However, she did briefly return to Sydney for the court appearance.The couple moved to Bermuda in the early 1980s and where they were together the day he passed away.In a cover-up that I can reveal went to the very doors of 10 Downing Street, the police were told to back off.

The Krays were deemed untouchable, and, with no one able or willing to rein them in, they ran amok.

Those pieces included tying up his immense fortune.

But now Grundy's 61-year-old daughter Viola La Valette - born Kim Grundy - who was conceived during his first marriage to Patricia Lola Powell in 1954, has come forward to stake her claim on his inheritance.

She reminded me of a caddy I once seduced on the golf course at St Andrews,' he once said by way of explanation.

But his real taste was for rough-trade sex and teenage boys, and it was this that brought him into contact with the Krays, both of whom were homosexuals.

The key figure in this scandal was Bob Boothby, an outrageous old scoundrel but probably the most popular political celebrity of his day.