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I immediately recognized Jack's mother Stella, even though there had been many changes in her appearance since I had last seen her. "Mom's birthday is tomorrow and I'm taking her out to a nice restaurant for a fancy dinner. " I accepted his invitation and the four of us met at the best restaurant in town.She was at the beach clad in a modest two-piece bathing suit that showed off her curves to perfection. I got more than one while I was checking out your Mom. I struggled not to ogle the blonde bombshell sitting across the table from me.

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"Damn, Larry, your mother is drop-dead gorgeous," he said.She insisted that I live with her for as long as I liked, and that I take my time in finding a job. Her perfume was very distracting and so was everything else about her. She had learned how to do a "model's walk" and it really was hot.That night in bed I had to jack off twice before I could get to sleep.As we wound our way through the tables, every head turned in our direction. Mom invited Jack and Stella back to our place for drinks. If Mom and Stella had any faults it was that they were a little too free with the bottle.When Mom found out that Stella was a Bridge player, she insisted on a game. Both of them got a little tipsy, and Jack and I swapped winks when Stella asked us if we had visited any whorehouses while we were in the Navy. Our Bridge games became a regular weekly occurrence.She had gone into real estate sales and had become very successful.

That explained the designer clothes and the expensive new furniture throughout the house.

Stella was fond of using not-so-subtle double-entendres to tease me.

I had to struggle to concentrate on the game and to keep my dick from rising.

Jack and I hated the game but we played because it gave us an opportunity to ogle our mothers.

As soon as the girls had a few drinks in them, they began to flirt with us.

Jack and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. Neither of us have siblings, so we probably subconsciously rely on each other to fill that gap in our lives.