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Finally comes the online control panel which ties the whole system together.

Although the price is not low, the list of features is well worth the investment.While all those features are essential, the one tool we feel was worthy of special mention, and, quite frankly, that stole the show in my eyes, was the Geolocation feature.I really loved the GPS function which is beautifully designed and features a full graphical map including historical data about routes and destinations.The phone logging feature collects all incoming and outgoing calls along with a time stamp so you can accurately pinpoint a sequence of events.The SMS collection is no less effective and incredibly even deleting the evidence becomes impossible as any deleted messages will continue to be available to you in m Spy!They have continuously improved the software and updated periodically to provide up to date compatibility with all the major OS updates.

We had no bugs to report, which is always a good sign of a solid development team within the company.

When you agree to m Spy’s terms and install the app, they will ask you to confirm that you own the device, and are monitoring for yourself, as a parent, or employer.

Once installed, m Spy shows absolutely no indication that it is monitoring the target device.

They offer straight-forward and affordable plans with great value.

For what you get and we can confidently recommend m Spy to all groups and levels of users looking for tracking application services.

Once it has been installed m Spy is able to hide itself from all application and process lists and shows no pop up or notification of any kind, remaining completely stealthy.