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(We ended up registering those people with an address abroad in the country with ISO-code 'ZZ'.) Unless you are going to do maths on the street numbers or zip / postal codes, you are just inviting future pain by storing them as numerics.

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If you are concerned with going global, the only advice I have is to keep things free-form.Here in the UK, the zipcode is not a zipcode, it's a postcode containing both letters and numbers.I'd advise simply ~10 lines of variable-length strings, together with a separate field for a postcode (and be careful how you describe that to cope with national sensibilities).Addresses may be formatted differently, but the data is still largely the same.Whether a street number is displayed prior to the street name or after is largely irrelevant for storage purposes - only for display purposes.You can't imagine how crazy the exceptions are that you'll have to take into account as a rule.

I vaguely recall some issue with Norwegian postal codes (I think), which were all 4 positions, except Oslo, which had 18 or so.

But it can be easier to have the humans do the analysis and formatting and let the DBMS just store the data.

********************************* Field Type ********************************* address_id (PK) int unit string building string street string city string region string country string address_code string ********************************* Where's the "trade off" in storing the ZIP as a NUMBER or VARCHAR?

A bit of digging into that module will reveal some nice pearls for interpreting and validating addresses internationally.

It also has a nice set of administrative areas ( province, state, oblast, etc ) with ISO codes.

The cost of disk space is going to be a lot cheaper than the cost of fixing it later on... You should certainly consult "Is this a good way to model address information in a relational database", but your question is not a direct duplicate of that.