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Free local adds for ppl looking to hook up

Free local adds for ppl looking to hook up-56

Signed up to Mon and worked great via a VPN (High Quality the whole time) from France (paid for VPN not a slow free one).

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A NRL TV package that shows ALL games live for a monthly fee (without all the other foxtel channels) is what Australia needs.But also I noticed in the terms and conditions that certain countries also are only allowed limited amount of games streamed per week so where the VPN is located could also affect the amount of games you are able to watch...Haha any email i send them has been met by the reply "due to broadcasting rights" blah blah. Whatever i'll keep my $40 a month from both NRL EPL subscriptions from this mob instead of playing games using VPN.You can find the video URLs in the source code and it goes to a video page but about 1 second into loading it then redirects back to homescreen. I emailed their support and gave them my piece of mind and requested a refund which I am still waiting for! totally ignored that part of my initial email, i noticed the email address was the same as the EPL on Demand one, so i went and cancelled the service there.I'll be buggered if this performgroup will get any more of my cash for any of their half arsed local radio has live streams of some of their stations, sydney is your best I use radiosport (nz) alot, since I follow the warriors, they usually broadcast other games as nz/Listen Live Who wants to watch highlights and replays? There is no legal way to stream the video however there is a website that occasionally broadcasts some league games..... Especially when it's pay to view and they pay big money to secure the rights to show it? That website is illegal gaining money off something Sky should.

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has subscribed to this service inside of Australia.

You could use a vpn, $12 for 50gb it's pretty good and i tested it out and could download 1.1mb a second which is more then those streams.

Looked into foxtel and just was not worth it, also i wouldn't bother owning it if NRL wasn't on it, so i want to see the next TV deal first. So are you saying that you connected with the VPN, started streaming and then disconnected from the VPN and the stream continued via your local home internet connection?

yeah once the stream had started it was lagging so disconnected the VPN and stream picked up again under my local home internet connection, but yeah only have trialed this once, will test a few more times this weekend and post the results.

Otherwise yeah VPN subscription isn't too much anyways.

That page shows you the restrictions of which countries will have full streams.