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I was not warned before having Lasik surgery two years ago that my previously diagnosed "dry eyes" would be made much worse by the operation.I have spent over $40(US) per month, every month, for more than two years just trying to restore some health to my damaged eyes.

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Refractive surgery is not for everybody, but for the millions worldwide who no longer require glasses or contacts for daily needs, it has been very beneficial.Please read your pre-op information and make sure you ask to have your eyes checked for any tear film abnormality or dryness. Therein you will find doctors and patients from around the world intereacting on a variety of topics regarding improper screening and the paucity of long-term solutions for those who have problems after surgery. Even with a 1% complication rate, in the US alone that adds up to over 10,000 people per year.Ensure all complication including dry eye are on the consent form. The bottom line is that this surgery - plain and simple.My bitterest feelings about the process are that they failed to warn me that an unsuccessful surgery might be more than just being longsighted or shortsighted afterwards but rather that I might never again be able to see properly through glasses."High myopes" (those with, say, prescription of 8 diopters or more) are particularly at risk for the kind of complications I have had.Lasik gave me irregular astigmatism which is not correctable at this time.

I miss my crisp, clear vision I used to have with my glasses.

It is being marketed as a commodity which is the root cause of many of the problems my constituency is faced with.

Improper screening, i.e., lack of accurate portrayal of individual risk and not enough attention being given to how to fix problems once they've been created.

My glasses were nowhere near the bother my lased eyes are.

I had an experienced surgeon, had no pro-operative conditions that would indicate I would have problems.

Why the doctor went on to do my left eye, I will never know.