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Free hot chat in uae without loging in

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Make sure you have this enable first and then click the Chat Game icon on the Main Screen's bottom left corner to open up the beautification screen.

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The beautification effect will only be available if you have the "real-time background" enable.Chat Game enables push notifications and background data.Therefore, you can receive a call without having Chat Game open.Log into your Chat Game and tap on the friend's icon.After you've entered their profile page, you will see "Notes" underneath their icon.Yes, select a friend from your Chat Game contact list to open a chat window.

For i Phone users you can click the "Game" button on the right bottom corner.

The quality of Chat Game's calls largely depends on the network connection of both users.

We suggest using Chat Game under Wi-Fi connection for higher quality.

Click the pencil icon beside it to modify their nicknames, after editing it, click on the pencil icon again to save it.

Click "Back" to the main screen to see if you have modified it successfully.

Therefore, there is no additional charge whether you call a friend down the street or a family member in another country.