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If you question the necessity of vivisection or stem cell research, you are made to feel as though you are responsible for the horrible conditions of the human lot.Of course, there is no doubting the amazing ingenuity of scientists and the extraordinary contribution they have made to our welfare, particularly in medicine, over the years.

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Cherie sadly persisted in holding on to elements of Catholicism, so she was toppled in the by a younger woman.It was a thought-crime to believe, let alone to state, that all the great symphonies, works of sculpture, paintings, epic poems and plays were produced in the past by men.After the coup, there had been a decree that these manifestations of testosterone-fuelled imperfection would not be missed, any more than that patriarchal con, religion.People in Huxley's nightmare do not reproduce through sex or family life.Instead, they are bred in Hatcheries, and then divided into castes - the Alphas and Betas running the show, the Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons are slaves. In the past few days, Parliament has pooh-poohed the idea that human beings, artificially bred in a laboratory, need fathers or father-substitutes.It was the German Medical Association in 1932 which called for the sterilisation of the blind, deaf or physically deformed.

The following year, Hitler came to power and gave the doctors what they wanted, with more than 360,000 sterilisations being performed in Germany over the next six years. Because the Nazis, like the Soviets, believed that human bodies were no more than machines, collections of spare parts, and that defective machines could be switched off at will.

But their achievements - and their wholly understandable determination to push forward the boundaries of research - must be set in the context of history.

Those countries, for example, which have allowed scientists free rein are the ones in which the most horrific human abuses have taken place.

Pain and disease have been eradicated - as have art and religion.

They no longer worship Our Lord, they revere Our Ford, Henry Ford, the pioneer of mass-produced motorcars.

Then there is Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, written in 1932.