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The higher number of small and large-scale installations combination with easily exploitable vulnerabilities leads to a stronger exposure of building automation systems, which are often overlooked.Even worse, an adversary understanding the usage of regular building automation protocol functions for malicious purposes may not only create chaos within the breached building but can potentially even peak into internal networks over building protocols which are otherwise not reachable.

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For penetration testers who would like to explore this interesting field of industrial security research, we include a section on tooling.We propose a new exploit technique that brings a whole-new attack surface to bypass SSRF (Server Side Request Forgery) protections.This is a very general attack approach, in which we used in combination with our own fuzzing tool to discover many 0days in built-in libraries of very widely-used programming languages, including Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Java, Java Script, Wget and c URL.In the CSFB procedure, we found the authentication step is missing.The result is that an attacker can hijack the victim's communication.In these times, our community has a responsibility to the people of the world that goes beyond traditional facets of information security.

This talk will explore how we can adapt to better confront the obstacles we face as security practitioners.

We will discuss real situations from the last year where our community could have risen to the occasion, we will analyze what failed, and propose how we can further help protect people.

In this presentation, one vulnerability in CSFB (Circuit Switched Fallback) in 4G LTE network is introduced.

While it is certainly a valid exercise to benchmark a cybersecurity program against a framework, such as NIST, these paper-work efforts articulate the To truly test the effectiveness of an organization's detect and response capabilities to a cyberattack, it's necessary to provide a sparring partner.

This session will discuss the process of cycling the SOC and IR team through a realistic adversary simulation (from a prepared red team), and then observing the organization's response, from the eyes of an experienced blue team.

Wind farms are becoming a leading source for renewable energy.