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asks anonymous city dwellers to record a week in their sex lives — with comic, tragic, often sexy, and always revealing results. We start kissing and his hand finds my ass under the covers. Max and I matched on Tinder the day before, and he’s just as hot in person.

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Afterward, we finish watching a terrible/amazing Val Kilmer movie he started earlier.But that doesn’t stop me from running off to the bathroom to Snap him pictures. p.m.: I don’t feel like getting to know a new Tinder person tonight, so I text Max to see if he’s around later.He wants to know if we’re still on to hang out tonight. I want to see him, but I’m exhausted from last night and the workday. I swipe right on Tinder until I run out of swipes (a daily habit). a.m.: We both wake up and soon he’s touching me and then he’s on top of me. His skin is the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt.I’ve never actually been in a serious relationship — the closest I got was right before this current Tinder rampage. a.m.: I finally respond to Max’s text, and ask what his plans are tonight. 10 a.m.: We lie in bed for a while, Byron telling me about his niece and nephews. p.m.: Max texts asking me to hang out before he has to leave for work this evening.

I say yes, slap on a bit of mascara, and order an Uber.

I dated a guy for about five months, but we never became “official” (whatever that means). Dark hair, boyishly handsome, seems to have a sense of humor. p.m.: I eventually make it out of the party to meet Byron at a tequila bar. His relationship with his family is sweet, but I’m still emotionally unattached (this is unheard of progress from me).

It wasn’t until it ended that I knew how unhappy I was — it made me realize I need to have fun and figure out what I want before sticking with one person. We exchange a few messages before I decide I’ll be sleeping with him tonight. He’s cute, and I can tell he has great arms under his sweater. a.m.: After Byron pays the check, we decide to head to his apartment. a.m.: By the time I get home I’m keenly aware of how ravenous I am.

a.m.: We finish fucking (me on top, fairly quick), and I call myself an Uber.

Max thinks I look okay enough to go straight to work, but I wouldn’t be caught dead strolling into the office wearing yesterday’s clothes.

At the office, I get a text from Simon, another Tinder guy I slept with last week. DAY THREE a.m.: I wake up stupidly early for whatever reason and desperately wish Byron would too so we can fuck again.