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"The Climb" has been covered by several artists and was the most popular choice of song among auditioners for the ninth season of the American singing contest, American Idol, with Hollie Cavanagh performing it in the top 6 of the eleventh season.

Several weeks later, Chelsom called to say that "the song was gonna be an integral part of the movie".Cyrus promoted the song with several live performances.The first, at the Kids Inaugural: "We Are the Future" event on January 19, 2009, was the first time the song had ever been publicly heard.She also made musical comparisons to Shania Twain and described the song as "natural, [...] down to earth and grown-up".At the 52nd Grammy Awards, "The Climb" received a nomination for the Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media, a songwriter's award.The song received a nomination for the Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media at the 52nd Grammy Awards.

However, the song was withdrawn from consideration by Walt Disney Records because it had not been written specifically for a movie as the category's eligibility rules required.

Alexander felt the changes amounted to a "substantial amount of the song" and commented, "For me, when you change something from third person to first person, it can change the whole meaning of a line." In the film, Cyrus plays Miley Stewart, a character with a secret double life as superstar Hannah Montana.

Keeping this secret causes trouble between Miley and many of the other characters in the film, and leaves Miley confused and contrite. According to film producer Alfred Gough, "The song is her journey, the lessons she's learned in the movie.

However, she claimed she knew it was pop and suitable for The Walt Disney Company.

Before reaching Cyrus, the song had been rejected by several country artists.

My co-writer was a songplugger, just turned songwriter, and I'd had record deals and ups and downs in the music business.