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She'll probably do a Whitney and die some hotel bathtub." - I coined it here first, " The Whitney". Anonymous: He's ready for the next hurricane Katrina or Rodney King verdict. .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.-: There should be a name for the downward spiral celebritys go through. Like, "Boy, that Lindsay Lohan really let herself go. One of the biggest risks of being an absolute asshole it's that you'd come to believe to think that you are wise. Anonymous: I actually ran the math on welfare for several clients of mine (lawyer). However the US Disnyfies everything into gaynes, and created Santa.

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I don't like that cold water shooting up my ass and then turning around and shooting out....... But basically, yeah, it's mutilation and many here are clearly too stupid to realize it; they would probably say it's part of manhood too if cutting off a finger on newborn was part of the tradition.

I guess that either she doesn't give a fuck becuase it's fucking fun to do, or she's as stupid as the group looks. Anonymous: ^ everyday stuff in 3rd world countries. TAKE A GOOD LOOK WHERE YOU'RE SHARING YOUR SO-CALLED "EDUCATED" OPINIONS. REALIZE THAT YOU'RE WORTHLESS.: @ anon "TAKE A GOOD LOOK WHERE YOU'RE SHARING YOUR SO-CALLED "EDUCATED" OPINIONS. REALIZE THAT YOU'RE WORTHLESS." : Is that blue thing in the middle on those fake pussies? : This is someone who has those sex toy parties to sell the shit and everything has to be run through the dishwasher afterwards.

Anonymous: yeah to bad those iditos got busted because of using to much electristy, so they had to get another staition isnstalled wortth 500k dollas, think goverment just ignored that? they got FUCKEDAnonymous: I don't understand how she could not have seen photos of the group and noticed how stupid it looks. Next time the niggers chimp out they are getting shot. Has nothng to with Obama personaly getting elected, its the stupid chimps that voted him in that has everybody worried and drove gun sales to white people through the roof. Those assault rifles he has arent selective fire unless he lives in a Class III state and has the tax stamp or converted them illegaly. It's always the same dumbass arguement I hear from you. YOU WERE GETTING YOUR ASSHOLE RAPED BY GERMANY IN WWI, UNTIL WE RESCUED YOUR COCKSUCKING FACES. IF ANYBODY GAVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR WORTHLESS LIFE, YOU WOULD AMOUNT TO SOMETHING. IF ANYBODY GAVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR WORTHLESS LIFE, YOU WOULD AMOUNT TO SOMETHING.

It's done on babies because jewsfags here would clearly remember that "before" was more enjoyable than "after". My guess is, the majority of the shitheads above me, are bitches who don't flush the stench out in their own gear!

......sorry........never mind..........hangs head in shame and exits stage left......: FFFUUU i'll do it if he doesn't, lol, only joking, but i would if i was th OP, randyvan...? Queenish: Circumcision was invented to discou Circumcision was invented to discourage masturbation.

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