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Not to be confused with the above, these codes will give you a set amount off your total bill, such as £10 off, rather than a percentage of the total cost.

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Did you know that a lot of stores bring out their best deals and discounts on Wednesday-Friday? Depending on what you’re looking for, do your research first.For certain products, the timing of sales will change.It all depends on when shoppers are generally most active in looking for certain products, and how stores can benefit from that.Using voucher codes online is super simple – just follow the instructions at checkout and use the promo code provided on Voucheroo to see your promotion applied.During checkout, using your voucher code often comes before you enter your delivery details, but it does depend on the merchant.You may be able to use more than one voucher code – in that case, you have to copy them over separately.

Make sure that you have copied the voucher code over correctly and that you’ve qualified for the deal.

Businesses are always looking to add new loyal customers to their flock, so there are often special coupon codes aimed at first-time buyers or new customers to the company.

If this is you and you’re buying something from a new retailer for the first time, be sure to make use of this advantage.

Vouchers and promo codes are available from all sorts of retailers, whether small merchants or much larger chain stores.

Not all websites allow you to combine multiple coupon codes, but if they do, then use them strategically.

You will often find a code that offers free shipping in combination with a discount on the order – keep an eye out for those!