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Female masterbation

The Pattie Cake Using your pointer and middle finger, gently pat your clitoris varying pressure and speed until your little boat is standing in attention.

Female masterbation-24

concentrate there and dig in until you hit pay dirt! Electric An electric toothbrush will not only keep that bright smile pretty, it can keep it there!As you are getting closer to coming, push your fingers inside you, then pulling out rubbing your love fluids onto your clitoris.Continue patting and pulling your juices on to your clitoris. Just keep patting with some rubbing motion until you can’t hold back anymore.You can even pull away like you are teasing your man before he enters you.As your finger enters, softly but seductively contract your leg muscles such that your pelvis gently pulses in a rhythm similar to when making love with a partner.Use a vibrator or dildo inserted in your vagina with a “digging up” motion pull the end of it into the “G-Spot” and continue sliding all the way out and slowly over your clitoris.

Don’t give up on the “G-Spot” because it can be an incredibly intense orgasm.

This will start the nerve sensations flowing through your body.

Keep dripping water all over your body feeling very sexy as you drip water between your legs.

You should have the same consideration for yourself too!

Don’t just plunge your fingers in, be gentle and work for it!

The emphasis is on your pelvic push as opposed to finger action. If you want to fantasize about being laid by prince charming, go for it!