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First, railroad deregulation in the 1970s made it cheaper for coal mined west of the Mississippi—which has been more productive for decades—to be shipped across the country.Since then, western coal output has grown by 200 percent, as more labor-intensive mining east of the Mississippi has declined. electricity has tripled since the late 1980s, growing by almost the exact share that coal has lost.

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Coal could not have added 50,000 jobs in the last eight months, since that is essentially the size of the entire coal industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.“When I met Ty Anna, she had a nose ring that she loved.When she moved into the workforce, she took it out, and wanted a nose ring for our wedding.237 stating that Tax Collectors must accept post-marked payments.Therefore, if your payment is stamped by the post office by 12/30/2017 (12/31 is a Sunday), we will post those payments as having been paid in 2017.Second, new fracking technology and the natural-gas revolution shifted fossil-fuel production away from coal, as solar and wind technologies expanded. In short, coal’s long decline has several structural causes, and it’s unlikely that environmental policies will dramatically improve the prospects of the industry.

“We’re just simply never going to go back to the 1950s and the 1960s in terms of coal-mining jobs,” Ben Bernanke, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, recently told But there is a broader point here.

I figured I’d be able to surprise her with something blue.

It wound up being too small to fit, but she was really touched by the gift, and I’d found the vendor by looking at her Pinterest.” surprising is the strictly positive feedback Jordan has been receiving on Twitter, he said.

When Jordan, a 29-year-old from Westfield, New Jersey, first started dating his now-wife Ty Anna in 2014, he didn’t know what to get her for a Valentine’s Day gift.

So he made a secret Pinterest account to follow her and look for clues, according to Buzz Feed.“The one gift she was most surprised by was a sapphire nose ring I purchased before the wedding,” he told Huff Post via Twitter on Tuesday.

At the time of publication, his tweet has been retweeted over 86,000 times and favorited nearly 317,000 times.