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Favicon not updating

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The problem is that the domains have extensions .com, .eu, and do not appear in the list of Step 1: Domain Availability for Transfer. Thank you Giorgio Hello Georgio, Thank you for contacting us.

Thanks Dave Hello Sudhir, If you are looking to add your domain to your c Panel then you may do so by following this guide on adding addon domains.Now I can´t get access to my domain names registered with company X.I´ve tried to contact my former domain provider, with no success. Hi, I need to transfer some domains with you so as to have a multi-domain.Ensure that the nameservers you are trying to set have been created.If they have not, you can go here to do so." Once I click to proceed it redirect to a page that says "Oops...there was an error with your request". Hello Mat, Please try again as those are indeed the proper names to our name servers.Thank you, John-Paul Where do I find my second In Motion IP address to update my DNS on my old host?

I have the primary for the NS1.[domain]but don't have a second IP address for the NS2.[domain] Hello Bruce, As different nameservers will propagate at different times, you will want to check both the old and the new email servers during the 24 hours after making the switch.

If your domain type is not included in this list, you can still host the domain with In Motion Hosting, but you will need to change your nameservers. In Motion Hosting and over at Go Daddy where I updated the Nameservers a couple days ago.

Thank you, John-Paul Hello Mohan, You can request an additional IP address for your nameserver by contacting our support department. I do NOT have any sites loaded against those question is...should I see any kind of a Coming Soon or anything other than Server Not Found?

I activated a free SSL certificate for my primary domain, and had my domain pointed to the In Motion servers as the free SSL requires.

However, today I set up Cloudflare for my site, which requires the domain be pointed to the Cloudflare servers.

However, since the domain is not pointed to the server (rather Cloud Flare), then the domain is no longer eligible/configured for Domain Control Validation to completed successfully.