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Fat joe dating

I'm over here married, without my nails done""After I get dolled up and lay down some records and my voice is out, I want to get away and get my back blown out for like a week.

The "Booty" singer also gets cozy with Khloe Kardashian's ex, French Montana, who she flirtatiously stares at while playing with her long brunette tresses.I'm ready to see the world with these new pair of eyes of mine." "Everyone says I'm not missing anything but I think they're just saying that so I don't feel bad. We ended up talking about things I want to do when I get home. I'm excited to get back into the game and make it a little bit more interesting."The former Terror Squad lady also has squashed the beef with her old partner Fat Joe. He said, 'I still think you're the dopest female rapper ever.' I'm like, 'Really?! “The phone was ringing so much I couldn’t even listen to the song for like two hours.” Although the Grammy-nominated Bronx rap star has declined to comment on the “SHETHER” diss track itself, he does deny having any hands in its curation, citing that he won’t get involved in a beef that involves two women.That doesn’t mean he isn’t eager to see how Nicki Minaj will come back at Remy.“When Riggs’ search for Remy Ma tracks came up empty, Fat Joe was playfully dissing him for having a ‘vegan’ playlist, which he explained meant ‘skinny on tracks,’ ” says a spy.

“He ended up plugging in his own phone and playing a slew of Remy Ma hits.” Fat Joe also did a live performance of “What’s Luv?

We're going to intertwine the two, and it's going to be really, really nice.

"With "Stressin,'" it was important for the two Bronx-bred artists to keep it real on every level, even when it comes to reflecting J. (He even had to make up a new word to truly describe how successful she really is.) "We all know Jenny's from the block, so I wanted to do something where she touches the block, and she touches the Bronx and the hood, but at the same time, we can't hide the fact that Jenny's a kabillionaire. Lo, "Stressin'" and how the rapper defines success two decades into his career, check out the Fuse exclusive above!

She has written "20 books or so of songs" while serving her time at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility For Women in New York."I want people to know that Rem is still Rem. I feel like my time was cut short and I didn't get to blossom where I wanted to be in my career."As for her music career, she hopes to work with DJ Mustard, Rico Love, Rick Ross, and she's a big fan of Meek Mill.

There's a history of artists that go to jail and when they get home they're not all that or even do anything. In my opinion, the only one that did some significant time then came home and went stupid was 'Pac.

If Dstv thinks we'll upgrade to primium just to watch #beingbonang and #Take Me Out Mzansi banyile shem we'll watch at you tube ha!